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Welcome aboard A Bold Leader!

If doing what you’re convinced is the right thing in the face of strong opposition makes you bold, then I guess I’m a bold leader. I never really aspired to boldness, and I didn’t choose the title of this project to reflect my own leadership path. I chose it as a clarion call – something to inspire the many leaders, seasoned and new, I hope will read this stuff and grow from it.

I’m no leadership “expert”. I don’t have a PhD in human performance psychology and I haven’t completed 17 levels of certification from some global leadership coaching mill. I am a practitioner – just a guy with a few arrows in his quiver and some pretty diverse experiences influencing people to achieve lofty goals with a noble purpose. While I do have formal training on the subject of leadership, most of what I have to offer was learned – and earned – by doing.

After spending my adult life as a leader in the US military, then the social sector, then a strategist and coach for several private sector companies and now CEO at Simple Leadership Strategies, I figured I might have a few relevant things to share – experiences, observations, ideas and opinions I’ve gathered along the way. I’m posting them here to subject them to review, sharing, challenge and criticism.

That’s because this blog is a companion to the series of (hopefully) soon-to-be published pieces and presentations I’m working on – the “A Bold Leader” project. This project represents the evolution of some leadership storytelling I started several years ago. In fact, many of you subscribed to this blog a while back when it was titled Intrepidity. Some of that early content will reappear here, updated and refreshed, but most of the posts will be brand spankin’ new.

The format is simple. The latest post will appear at the top and you can just scroll down through them as far back as you wish to get to the post you’re looking for. As it populates, you’ll also be able to peruse the blog by categories like conflict resolution, team building, succession planning, etc. Cool, right?

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OK, here we go!